The Importance of Communication

The Importance of Communication

April 01, 2020 Animation Production 2 MIN READ
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Communication, right now, is more important than ever. It’s not just what we say, but also, how we say it, that matters. It’s vital that all communications are clear, sensitive, engaging and that bit more reassuring.


So what do you do when face-to-face filming is, errr a bit problematic, to say the least – how can you effectively communicate to your staff, stakeholders or customers? People need to see that you’re still trading, that your services are still available and it’s still business as usual because consumer confidence is so important right now. And above all – how do you get them to listen, how can they hear you amongst the maelstrom of information?


The most important thing is to be honest, helpful and interesting; really, this has always been the crux of a long-term successful company.


So when creating a video our approach to this is: to review how this has impacted your business and how you have decided to adapt to the situation – then tell people about it. Don’t be negative, don’t be a glass half empty, be pro-active and lead the way with positive messaging. The bad news will take care of itself, our job is to forge new pathways and tell people about it.



We provide both film and animation video solutions that mean you never have to leave your house! We can even produce digital print infographics or leaflets to sit alongside and allow even greater reach.


Long gone are the days when videos using stock footage were a bit cruddy, in fact, we even supply footage to some of the worlds leading footage resource companies. Check out some of our stock films here:



Animation is undoubtedly the most flexible visual medium available to get your message across. Whether it be short-form teasers for social media or longer-form narratives explaining how your product/ services work– branding, styling and simplicity of communication is synonymous with this format.


You can deliver simple succinct messages with regular updates for social media, like this one:



Or something a bit more creatively inspiring like this:


We are still continuing to work remotely and are busy creating video content for all of our wonderful clients. We have our voice-over artists set up and ready to record from home studios, our music libraries with us on location and our front rooms are crammed with high tech equipment.

We’re available to chat throughout the day via email, skype or phone about whatever it is you might need. It’s business as usual (albeit feels slightly unusual)
Let keeps things moving.


Our animation packages start from as little as £550 and we’re offering an additional 10% off because honestly, we all need to do our bit right now.


If you’re ready to get started, then get in touch! Call us on 01604422911 or email We’re a full-service video and animation company serving the whole of the UK and more!


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